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Built by reputation Undercut Concrete Cutting is trusted by it's vast range of clients throughout Canberra and surrounding NSW. Our commercial and residential clients depend on us and have come to expect that Undercut Concrete Cutting will perform the job on time, every time. 

We achieve this by using a no nonsense approach to problem solving and thinking about each situation uniquely to deliver the best possible concrete cutting and coring needs of our clients quickly and safely.

We have well developed safe working systems and insurances, along with the experience, equipment and expertese in concrete cutting, coring and demolition to implement practical, safe and cost effective solutions for almost every concrete cutting conundrum...And we've seen a few!

We are happy to talk all aspects of concrete construction, cutting, coring and/or concrete demolition. From major projects to home renovations. So no matter where you are in Canberra or surrounding NSW we can help. If you require more information on our services or to arrange a consultation, don’t hesitate to call Dan today.  0410543107

We look forward to working with you!

Speak to Dan on  0410543107  to be provided with expert advice, practical solutions and an obligation-free quote.

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Concrete Cutting

We have the right equipment and expertese if you need to cut concrete. We offer chain sawing, wall sawing, ring sawing, hydraulic fume free sawing and hand held cutting methods are also available.

Concrete Cutting

Our dimond tipped core drills can deliver precise circular holes at almost any angle through almost any surface. We can drill small or large core holes in existing concrete floors, walls or slabs. Suitable for a wide range of purposes including pipework, exhaust fans, plumbing, posts, electrical wire work, AC ducts, sewer, manholes, bollards and handrails. Undercut will leave prefect cuts on time, everytime.
Undercut Concrete Cutting services

Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing is used to cut into existing concrete structures such as floors, walls and doorways. We offer a variety of concrete sawing methods including roadsawing, handheld sawing, electric sawing, and hydraulic sawing.

Expansion Joint Cutting

This method of cutting involves precisely positioned shallow cuts being made into existing concrete structures. These planned cracks take into account movements caused by drying shrinkage.

Hydraulic Concrete Cutting

This fume-free method allows us to cut cleanly and precisely without the hazardous fumes, noise, mess and damage caused by impact tools.
Undercut Concrete Cutting services

Concrete Demolition

We have the experience when it comes to demolition and removal of all concrete. Be it walls, slabs, floors, roof's, brick or concrete precast, Undercut Concrete Cutting can offer you a demolition solution thats both time and cost effective. 

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